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Lima/ Cusco/ Machu Picchu/ Puno / La Paz / Buenos Aires / Iguazu / Rio de Janeiro

If booked by 15/01/2020 £150 discount, By 15/02/2020 £75 discount.

 Adult:  £5399 (Per Person) CHIL 2 to 11 YRS SHARING WITH TWO ADULTS
Child: £4800

Departure Date Return Date
17/07/2020 04/08/2020

* Meal Plan:  B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner

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FRIDAY 17  : Departfrom London Heathrow.

SATURDAY 18:   ARRIVAL IN LIMA(LA 2380 GRULIM 07:20 – 10:50)

 10:50am Private transfer Lima's airport / bus station to your hotel with guide

Private transfer Lima's airport / bus station to your hotel with guide.


After breakfast the morning is free for your own leisure and other activities.


Halfday Lima city tour: Cathedral and San Francisco Convent.

We will begin the visitofthecitywithanexplorationof Colonial Lima. First, wewill stop off at theMain Square, to explore itonfoot and admire theexteriorsoftheGovernment Palace, theCathedral, and the City Hall, allexamples of Lima'sstill-present colonial architecturalopulence. WewillvisittheCathedral; as walkingthroughitsnumerouschapels, we'lldiscovervariousarchitecturalstyles and learnaboutthereligioushistoryofPeru. Wewillcontinuewiththevisitto San Francisco Conventbuilt in the 17th century, and its “Catacombs” ancientundergroundcemeteryof Lima. Finally, wewillbegin a journeythroughthestreetsofmodern Lima as head towardthemosttraditionaloftheresidentialzonesofthe capital: San Isidro,  theheartofthecity'sfinancialdistrict; and Miraflores, a perfect spot toenjoywonderfulviewsofthePacificOcean.

PVT HD Gold Museum

Then we will visit the private collection of Mr. Mujica Gallo, a person who during his lifetime collaborated with the recovery of Peru’s historical heritage, mainly of the cultures in northern Peru. He set up the Peruvian Gold Museum Foundation, where over 2,000 pieces of gold, silver and brass belonging to the Mochica, Chimu and Inca cultures are displayed. Among the most precious treasures are nose pieces, pots and utensils for religious purposes, as well as some mummies. There is also a room where Inca and Paracas textiles are displayed, as well as pottery and some garments. Among the oddities of the place, you can find the collection “Weapons of the World”, considered to one of the best of the kind as it treasures some relics of important characters in world history.

DinnerMenu. Night in hotel.
/ - / D



06:15am Private transfer Lima'sairporttoyour hotel withguide.

Private transfer Lima'sairporttoyour hotel withguide.

(LA 2123 LIMCUZ09:07 – 10:34)

10:34am Private transfer Cusco'sairporttoyour hotel

Uponyourarrival in Cusco, wewillmeetyou at theairportto transfer youtoyouracommodation.

02:00pm Halfday Cusco city tour: Cathedral, Qoricancha Inca Temple and thenearbyarchaeologicalsites.

At thescheduled time, wewill pick you up fromthe hotel tobegintheexplorationtothenearbyruins: thefortressofSacsayhuaman, a colossalstructureofenormousstones, carved and fittedtogetherwithincredibleprecision; Qenqo, thereligious center; wewillenjoy a panoramicviewofPuca-Pucara, the red fortress and thenwewillvisit Tambomachay withtheirwaterfountains. Afterwards, our tour continues in the Imperial City, wewillstrollthroughtheMain Square, wherewewilldiscovertheCathedral and admire itsexquisitevestibules and pricelesspaintingsfromthe Cusco Schoolofthe 17th and 18th centuries. Wewillcontinuewith a visittooneofthemostimpressivebuildingsofIncan Cusco: theQoricancha (the Golden Temple) - a temple dedicatedtotheworshipoftheSunGod, whose interior wallsweresaidtohavebeencovered in gold.


Standard Room -

B / - / D


Full day tour toSacred Valley: Chinchero village, Maras' Saltflat and Moray archaeologicalsite. Lunch included.

Thismorning, wewillcontinuethetriptowardtheSacred Valley; at 17,40 miles (28 km) awayfrom Cusco, wewillfind Chinchero village, withanaltitude 12,375 feetabove sea level (3,772 meters), famousfortheextraordinarybeauty and qualityofits textiles, and foritsSundayfair, where local peopledress in traditionalcolorful outfits and traveldownfromtheirvillagestotradetheirgoods. Wewillcrossthe Urubamba River and head towardsthe Salt Pansof Maras. Thesightofthisstill-operatingsalt mine, in use sinceIncan times, willamazeusthestarkwhiteofthesteeplydescendingsaltpansjuxtaposedagainstthegreenofthesurroundingmountainslopes. Thejourneywillcontinueonuntilwereachthearchaeologicalsiteof Moray. Used as anagriculturaltestingground, thesite'ssystemof circular terracesdescends 490 feet (150 m) fromwherewewill stand, serving as a perfecttestamenttothelevelofadvancementachievedbythe Incas, whoexcelled at buildingmasterfulconstructions in harmonywithnature. Wewillhave lunch in a local restaurant.

DinnerMenu. Night in hotel.

B / L / D



Full dayvisittotheHistoricSanctuaryof Machu Picchu departingfromtheSacred Valley.

Lunch included.

Wewill pick you up fromyour hotel at thescheduled time and gototrainStation. Thecomfortabletrainridefromtheretothestation at Aguas Calientes ispacked full ofspectacular vistas. Onourarrival, wewilltake a bus thatwilldropus at theadmissionfeetothecitadelof Machu Picchu itself. Unearthedformodernityby Hiram Bingham more than a centuryago, Machu Picchu isconsideredoneofthesevenwondersoftheworld. Itsarchitecturalbeauty, spectacular natural setting, and theenergythatradiatesfromitsenigmaticbuildingswilltakeyourbreathaway. Wewillfollow in thefootstepsoftheancient Incas as wetake a tour ofthemagicalcitadel led byoneofourguides. Afterwardswewillenjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.

DinnerMenu. Hotel.

B / L / D



RE-visittotheHistoricSanctuaryof Machu Picchu

This day, you will re-visit the SantuarioHistórico de Machu Picchu (Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu). Very early you will board a bus that will take you to the entrance gate of the Machu Picchu citadel.

Finally, at the scheduled time, you will be picked up and taken to the Aguas Calientes train Station to board Vistadome train return train.

Private transfer fromyour hotel toPoroytrainstation

At theappropriate time wewill transfer youfromPoroystationtothe hotel.

DinnerMenu   + BB    

Standard Room -

B / - / D



Private transfer from Cusco to Puno with lunch

Todaywewilldepartfrom Cusco tothecityof Puno. Thisbeautifulrouteawaitstosurpriseus. Wewillmake a stop in Andahuaylillas town and itschurch, known as theSistine Chapel ofAmericaforthequalityofthe art ithouses. ThesanctuarywasbuiltbytheJesuits in the 16th centuryon top ofan Inca temple. Thechurchis a smallstructureconsistingof a single nave and thebelltower.

Wewillcontinueour tour untilwereachRaqchi. ThemostimportantbuildingwithinthecomplexistheWiracocha temple. Architecturallyitisclassified as Kallanka, thatis, a tallbuildingcompletelycoveredwithstraw (wood and "ichu"). Externallyitis 92 meterslong and 25.25 meterswide.

WewillalsovisitthePukaramuseum. Duringitsheyday, thistowncovered more than a squarekilometer and housedthousandsofbureaucrats, priests, craftsmen, farmers, shepherds, and possiblywarriors.


Standard Room -

B / L / D


Halfdayvisitto Uros floatingIslands.

Wewillenjoyanextraordinaryjourneyacrosstheworld'shighestnavigablelake, Lake Titicaca. Wewilltravelto a legendary place where time seemstohavestoodstill: the Uros floatingislands. These are a peculiar groupingofaround 40 smallislandsmadetotallyof totora, a natural reedthatgrowsaroundthelake. Thecheerfulinhabitantswill invite ustogettoknowtheirtraditionallifestyle and customs.

Pick up from Puno private transportation to Kasani, on the way we will admire the beautiful churches of Pomata and Juli (if they are open we can visit them inside, if not just the outside);

Cross the border to Bolivian side and continue to Tiwanaku.

70 km far from La Paz city emerged one of the most important cultures in South America, Tiwanaku Culture which built impressive and amazing buildings as AkapanaPyramed among others.

Thevisitincludes Templo de Kalasasaya, Puerta del Sol, Monolitos, Benett, Ponce.

Continue to La Paz.

After your check in we will have a night view of one of the seven wonders cities in world. La Paz. Visit the Calle Jaen and the main places of the downtown of the city.


Standard Room–

B / L / D



Moon Valley – Cable car

Transfer to the Moon Valley, and a brief visit to the south part of the city.  Continue to the station of the cable car and take a trip over the magnificent La Paz City

Afternoon free


Standard Room–

B / - / D  



Transfer to the La Paz’ airport

(LA2401 LPBLIM 0439 – 0530 connectingwith

(LA7901LIMEZE   0929 – 1551 )
On arrival you will be welcomed and transferred to hotel.

Dinner at Rochester Classic Restaurant

Overnight at Hotel

B / - / D


Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city that manifests at each step the influence of the numerous immigrant populations which helped form it.  The tour starts from what is the second and most definitive capital of the area named Plaza de Armas in 1581 and today known as Plaza de Mayo, the historical, political and cultural center of the city. The Pyramid de Mayo, which is in the center, was the first national historical monument and was inaugurated in 1811.  In its surrounding areas you can see Casa Rosada the actual seat of Executive Power (Presidential Palace), the Cabinet, and the first municipality of the city that dates back to 1754 and still maintains its colonial characteristics, and the Metropolitan Cathedral.  From the Plaza, we start the tour going down Avenida de Mayo, one of the most interesting urban developments of the city with its variety of architectural styles, wide avenues and spacious green areas which balance out the vertiginous rhythm of the city.   A good example is Avenida 9 de Julio, with its eight lanes separated by lawns with ancient trees and embellished by fountains and sculptures. From there you can see the symbol of the city, “The Obelisque.” The tour continues all the way to the neighborhood of San Telmo, one of the oldest in the city, settled at the end of the XIX century by aristocratic families. 

This neighborhood, in which every Sunday the antiques fair takes place around Plaza Dorrego, keeps expanding its great architectural heritage. The area is also very active at night as it is the center for most of the tango parlors, “tanguerias”, restaurants and bars. Going further south you arrive at the picturesque and colorful port neighborhood of La Boca, with its famous street “Caminito” whose buildings and customs reflect the influence of European settlers that arrived at its shores during the XIX century and left their imprint not only in the multicolor houses still being used today but also in the cuisine of the typical “cantinas,” small restaurants. Followed by this comes the modern neighborhood of Puerto Madero, with its old piers converted into offices, apartments, places for entertainment and elegant restaurants, and  its view of Rio de la Plata, a residential neighborhood of Palermo with elegant mansions surrounded by spacious parks and finally arriving at La Recoleta. The cemetery of Recoleta surprises visitors with its rich architecture and with the important social and political personalities that are buried there, among whom is Eva Peron.  Next to the cemetary is the church of Our Lady of Pilar, the former convent which today is part of the Cultural Center of Recoleta, the shopping area, Buenos Aires Design, and the exposition center, Palais de Glace.  There the tour ends.  Return to hotel


Standard Room–Hotel

B / - / D 



08:00am Transfer to the airport

LA 7508AEPIGR11:30 – 13:20

01:20pm Arrival in Iguazu and transfer to the RecantoCataratas Hotel.

Visit to Argentinean side of the falls.

Departure from the hotel, cross the Tancredo Neves Bridge with its lovely view of the Iguassu Canyon heading towards the Iguaçu National Park in Argentina. Upon arrival at the park, we will take the ecological train to reach the Devil's Throat Station. We will walk to the highest point of the falls and, among the abundant nature filled with orchids, bromeliads, colorful birds, and other wildlife, enjoy the spectacularly unique views of the ‘Cataratas’. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the suspended platform at the very brink of the Devil’s Throat – largest of the waterfalls and with a height of 80m.
Duration: approximately 4 hours

Buffet dinner at Churrascaria Palazo – BBQ

Standard room –Hotel.

B / - / D


Morning visit to Brazilian side of the falls with stop for lunch at Zaragoza Restaurant

Pick up at the hotel and head towards the Iguaçu National Park in Brazil. En route to the falls, we will drive through the lush, subtropical vegetation of the park. After arrival, we will take a descending trail of the canyon, from where we can enjoy panoramic views of more than 240 falls. We will board a glass elevator, which takes us to a platform where more exquisite views will be revealed. Along with its “sister” park in Argentina, The Iguassu National Park forms the most significant remaining rainforest in the southern cone of South America, which along with the waterfalls have been declared a National Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Menu dinner at 4 Ssorelle

Standard room –Hotel.

B / - / D


Transfer on time to the airport.

LA 4591 IGUGIG 16:30 – 18:30

06:30pm Arrival in Rio de Janeiro airport and transfer to hotel.

Rio de Janeiro is the Capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro and was also Brazil's capital from 1763 to 1961. It is nestled between the mountains and the sea. Its magnificent shoreline includes charming bays and beautiful beaches, dotted with islands up and down the coast. Flying into Rio is a beautiful sight; whether at night or during the day, the visitors quickly find out why Rio is known as the Marvelous City. It is also an important center for art and fashion.

Menu dinner at Martinez restaurant

Standard room - Hotel

B / - / D


August 2020


H.D Sugar Loaf – 4hrs

Over a million tourists every year visit the world famous Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf Mountain), which has become an iconic symbol of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Rising up from a small peninsula at the entrance of Guanabara Bay, its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined sugar loaf. The first cable-car takes passengers to the top of Urca Hill, which rises 215 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views of the entire bay and its islands. From Urca Hill, passengers continue in a second cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf which rises 395 meters above sea level and offers a 360 degree view of the entire city including Botafogo and Copacabana Beaches, Corcovado and downtown Rio.

Duration: approximately 4 hours

Buffet dinner at Fogo de Chão Restaurant - BBQ

Standard room - Hotel

B / - / D


Morning H.D Jeep Tour Corcovado & Tijuca Forest - 5 hrs

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, access to the Corcovado is through Sumaré Road.

Following hotel pick up in an open-air, we will make our way to a panoramic tour in Santa Teresa - a traditional neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, which features mansions constructed at the beginning of the XX century by the English who took up residency in the area because of its climate which mirrors that of England. Today it is home to local artists and intellects. From there we will reach Corcovado Hill where the famous Christ the Redeemer statue lies, and also stop at the Dona Marta belvedere so you can admire the views. The tour continues up Paineiras road until the Tijuca Forest, an area of Atlantic Rainforest environmentally preserved and only 10 minutes from the city center of Rio de Janeiro, thus making it one of the largest urban forest areas in the world. We will go for a short stroll on a trail up to the Cascatinha Falls before returning to the hotel through Canoas Road and Pepino beach.
Duration: approximately 5 hours

Menu dinner at Brasileirinho restaurant

Standard room - Hotel

B / - / D

Tour Manager onlyfrom UK if more then 20 passengers. Ourproffessionalagentswith English speaking Will be conductingthis tour.



Transfer on time to the airport.

Departure from Rio de Janeiro

LA 3235GIGGRU20:40 – 21:55 forconnectingwith

LA 8084GRULHR23:50 – 15:15

Arrive Day 18 in UK 04/08/2020

PERU RAIL : Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Each passenger may take:

1 bag or back pack – 05 kg/11 lb – 62 inches/157 cm (length + height + width)

* Baggage that exceed the measures will not be allowed

* Passengers doing the Inca Trail can apply to our Exceptional Flexibility Policy for Luggage on Board, when showing their UGM permission.

* All luggage which exceed the dimension described above, can be transported on a luggage car available with additional payment.

  • 16 nights of accommodation.
  • Transfers and excursion with English speaking guides. If hotels changes similar type will be used.
  • Meals as specified in the program. If Indian not available for any reason then western meals will be provided. Local agents will take over the group.
  • Tipping for Guide and Driver.
  • Customized service & with a high quality.
  • Domestic and international flights, airport taxes.
  • Flight times may change.
  • Any departure taxes if any.
  • Extra services at hotels.
  • Return transfer to Heathrow/Birmingham £30 per person.
  • Expenses due to mishaps.
  • Personal insurance & Miscellaneous.
  • Single room Supplement £890

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